Saudi Arabia’s Power Generator Company Enhances Operations with SAP AMS


Saudi Arabia's Power Generator Company Enhances Operations with SAP AMS

In a move to streamline and optimize its operations, Saudi Arabia’s prominent power generator company has joined hands with Accely, a leading SAP consulting company, to enhance its capabilities with SAP managed services. Accely’s SAP AMS services are designed to help businesses of all sizes get the most out of their SAP applications.

This company, a prominent investor and operator in the energy and water sectors, has established its presence as a key player with an impressive portfolio spanning multiple countries. With a robust track record, it manages a diverse range of power generation and desalinated water plants, boasting a total of 77 assets that are either operational, under construction, or in advanced stage of development.

Accely is revolutionizing the operational landscape of the power generator company through its SAP AMS support. By entrusting its SAP managed services to Accely, the company is gaining a competitive edge with uninterrupted system maintenance, real-time issue resolution, and proactive monitoring. This ongoing partnership enables the power generator company’s internal teams to focus on core business activities, while the complexities of SAP system management are expertly handled by Accely.

Accely’s SAP consulting team comprises experienced experts who possess in-depth knowledge of the field and are skilled in technology. They are providing excellent assistance for the power generator company’s SAP setup. Their ongoing services encompass maintaining the system, making upgrades, personalizing it, and resolving issues.

As the power generator company aims to play a pivotal role in Saudi Arabia’s energy sector, this alliance with Accely aligns perfectly with its objectives. The collaboration is expected to unlock new operational efficiencies, improve decision-making through data-driven insights, and foster sustainable growth.