SAP@Gitex – A Joint Initiative Of Accely & SAP To exhibit SAP Extensive Portfolio at SAP@Gitex Event 2013


“SAP is all set to inspire innovation at GITEX 2013, but this time in the joint venture with Accely to showcase its extensive portfolio of industrial and technology innovation through the SAP@Gitex mobile app…!”

India, 3rd October, 2013

Now, run business like never before with SAP at Gitex 2013 with SAP@Gitex mobile app – a joint Initiative from Accely and SAP to showcase the extensive industrial and technology innovation portfolio of SAP. SAP@Gitex 2013, is an event that is going to be held at the Dubai World Trade Center from 20th to 24th October this year. SAP, in consort with Accely, has developed SAP@Gitex – a  mobile app to let the users access, browse and manage the event agenda at their fingertips.

SAP@Gitex Event 2013 is all about unleashing the power of technology and industry-wise SAP solutions to unlock the new levels of agility and business performance. The SAP experts across the globe will explore and guide the business prospects about the latest business technology trends and innovations, which will transform businesses like never before.

Again, SAP is ready to inspire the innovation and enrich the Gitex 2013 event with the SAP@Gitex mobile app in association with Accely, a global technology and innovation firm providing mobility solutions and applications. The SAP@Gitex mobile app will let the users access, browse and manage the event agenda at Gitex 2013 at their fingertips. With this app, SAP is going to showcase its extensive portfolio of industry and SME solutions and innovations in Cloud, Database & Technology, Business Analytics and Mobility.

The SAP@Gitex mobile app is going to feature professionally designed and well-organized set of buttons that will enable users to leverage from the detailed information about the event going to take place in Dubai anytime, anywhere! It will serve the role of “event caretaker” that will empower the professionals and the business prospects going to participate in the event to set reminders for future, past or current agendas while adding value to the event on the go.

Glimpse of the SAP@Gitex mobile app features:

  • Agenda Sessions –  Ease of accessing event agenda anytime, anywhere. Enable user to manage their profile, search for event content and a lot more from the event at their fingertips.
  • Push Notifications – Notify the user about the upcoming events or any changes to the business event through intuitive app control panel.
  • Resources – Enable users to access marketing collaterals, event related documents or PDFs that are going to be displayed in the event.
  • Image Gallery – Let the business prospects take a glimpse of the events held on each and every day.
  • Request for a meeting – Enable users to send a request for a meeting to get expert assistance on SAP and Mobility solution suits their business nature.

So, come and experience SAP’s exciting solution showcase with SAP@Gitex mobile app. Kindly download the mobile app and leverage from a whole host of features and up-to-date content now!