Real Estate Expert from UAE Sets New Benchmark with SAP AMS


Real Estate Expert from UAE Sets New Benchmark with SAP AMS

Accely has been regularly connecting and exploring the possibilities of a better operational tomorrow with its clients. One such engagement has brought us possibilities with one of the UAE’s top Integrated Estate Service Solutions.

These estate management experts have been shaping the infrastructure industry of Dubai for over a few decades. Being at the top of their industry, our client caters to the need of every type of buyer, investor, or tenant.

The business is involved in every real estate transaction, from leasing property to sales, lifestyle, and clubhouse management. They are professionals applying cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to add tangible value to a property’s lifecycle.

However, despite having a successful technological infrastructure, the organization needed more regarding the timely maintenance of its applications. This is where the real estate conglomerate connects with Accely to leverage SAP application management and streamline the future of their SAP-supported systems.

With the implementation of AMS into its existing technological infrastructure, the organization could revamp the SAP Managed Services and focus its resources on better customer care.

Following their operations’ improved scalability and flexibility, the real estate pioneer extended their positive feedback for the SAP Support systems and looks forward to Accely for a long-term collaboration.