Qatar’s Yacht Management Company Gains Competitive Edge with SAP HCM Support


Qatar's Yacht Management Company Gains Competitive Edge with SAP HCM Support

Qatar’s foremost yacht management company has joined hands with Accely to leverage its SAP HCM solution. Accely is a leading SAP implementation partner, and its commitment to innovation and excellence is evident in its SAP HCM solution, which is designed to enhance employee experience, compliance, and operational efficiency.

Based in Qatar, this esteemed yacht supplier offers comprehensive management services tailored to the most discerning superyachts. From meticulous crew recruitment and training to comprehensive maintenance and repairs, they oversee every facet of yacht management with unparalleled expertise and dedication. Their commitment to excellence ensures that every superyacht under their care operates at peak performance, reflecting the highest standards of luxury and safety.

Accely’s SAP HCM is ready to give the company a 360-degree view of its employees, giving decision-makers access to up-to-date information and analytics so they can make the best HR decisions. This is in line with the company’s goal of having a productive work atmosphere. This strategic move is expected to yield numerous benefits, including improved employee engagement, enhanced compliance with industry regulations, and a substantial reduction in administrative overheads.

By embracing the power of SAP HCM with the backing of a reliable SAP implementation partner, the yacht management company is poised to lead the industry with unparalleled efficiency and a workforce that’s equipped to navigate the challenges of tomorrow.