Prominent Indian Tractor Manufacturer benefits from EXIM Solution


Prominent Indian Tractor Manufacturer benefits from EXIM Solution

Following a series of customer acquisitions, Accely has recently collaborated with a new customer, India’s leading tractor manufacturer that also happens to be the most dominant tractor exporter in the country. The exporter has been in this business for years and has impacted many lives to drive growth and prosperity.

Currently, the manufacturer holds an active presence in over a hundred and thirty countries worldwide, catering to the varied demand for Agri mechanization with world-class tractors. With such excellence and competence, the tractor giant has been facilitated with many accolades and recognitions such as Innovative Leadership Aware and Global Agriculture leadership Award.

However, given the complexities around manufacturing operations, the client was facing some issues with operational efficiency due to the lockdowns that restricted them from operating at optimum capacity.

Therefore, they decided to go with the EXIM solution with the competence of Accely to enhance their efficiency and manufacture enough tractors to meet the sudden spike in demand with economic activities starting again. Accely’s EXIM services allowed the tractor giant to facilitate better management of their manufacturing operations and ensure effective allocation of resources.