Prime Leaders of Infrastructural Development from Dubai, Sign a Contract with Accely to Manage its SAP Infrastructure


Leaders of Dubai’s Infrastructural Development, Signs Accely for improved SAP Infrastructure

Accely feels proud to announce its latest confederation with a Dubai-based conglomerate. Our latest collaboration ties us with an Infrastructure Solutions Provider that marks its presence for over 50 years in the industry. The organization that is extensively into revolutionizing the infrastructural development of the UAE, believes in upgrading to a future-ready industry with SAP Application Management Services to maintain and support its SAP environment.

Because Accely is doing the SAP Application Management Services the customer can now concentrate on improving their business and not bother about daily SAP software upgrade, update, maintenance activities, which is very time consuming and not part of their core competency.

Also, this way the company can look forward to building a better customer experience and building its business and move towards expansion across the globe.