Another Day, Another Success Story as Accely goes Live with OnBase Implementation for a Leading Govt. Health Care Corporation in Qatar


OnBase implementation for a leading Govt. Health Care Corporation in Qatar

Accely, which is one of the leading Global IT Product and Service consulting company goes live with OnBase implementation with one the leading Government Health Care Corporation in Qatar.

This organization acts as the main provider of primary health care in Qatar, which delivers a comprehensive, integrated, patient-centered and affordable health and well-being services across health centers in the country. This also is one of the main reasons why Qatar Healthcare System is Ranked as the 15th Best in the World.

They had an issue with organizational content and processes like many paper-based processes, lots of paper being used, difficult to efficiently share documents, many versions of the same content, Inability to search content across systems, Lack of proper information governance which was in all a lot of hassle for anyone operating in this industry.

This is where Accely came into the picture and implemented OnBase to streamline their requirements and improve the efficiency of their business process and spared them the challenges that they would face and helped increase organizational productivity.

The corporation intends to force the nation’s vision of a healthy population, focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle, prevention, early diagnosis and the provision of long-term support to patients and their families and Accely being the leading global SAP consulting company, known to offer quality solutions in time to meet the requirements of the firms across the globe would help them stay aligned with their long term vision.