Manufacturer of Interconnect Solutions from Malaysia Leverages SAP ERP


Manufacturer of Interconnect Solutions from Malaysia Leverages SAP ERP

Our latest drive has tied us with one of the leading cutting-edge interconnect solutions providers around the Malaysia and Singapore region. Accely’s latest fruitful tie now signs with a manufacturer that is into providing essential components like cables and wire harnesses to IT and CE industries.

The client had been one of the top performers in its niche for the past decade. However, things started changing with the ‘cloud’ movement. The manufacturer wasn’t able to keep up with the increasing needs of its customers along with implementing R&D for operations.

This is where the customer realized the power of securing a powerful approach to its operations with SAP ERP. With powerful ERP software overlooking the miscellaneous aspects of operations, the client now enjoys better operations, while keeping up with rapid development and expansions.

Thanks to our SAP implementation team, the client now enjoys unmatched efficiency in its operations. Adding to it, they’re also able to deliver improved customer experience and expand their operations in the process.

This way, with the help of SAP support, the client was able to streamline its operations and maximize its operational efficiency.