Major League Sustainability Enabler Augments AMS Support


Major League Sustainability Enabler Augments AMS Support

Our recent customer acquisition brings us together with one of India’s most well-known agri-tech solution providers. Their company was started with a vision to alter the way people treat perishables across the value chain. Leveraging the competence of the latest technologies, the client has certainly achieved their goals and driven augmented transformation for good.

As you already know, this is an organization that was never shy from leveraging the competence of the latest technology to drive better growth. However, while the client had an extensive pool of talent specializing in sustainability, there was a lack of expertise in SAP.

This was when the transformation powerhouse consulted the experts from our SAP consulting company for assistance. After evaluating all their needs and requirements, the company’s top-level management, along with our experts at Accely, decided to go with the AMS solution.

Now equipped with a robust AMS solution, the client enjoys seamless management of their SAP solutions. This further enables them to leverage all the competencies of their SAP solutions and enhance their business operations to deliver better services and solutions to their customers. The transformation they wanted to realize is now more of a reality than an idea.