Leading Wholesale Supplier Benefits from SAP Advanced Audit System Licenses


Leading Wholesale Supplier Benefits from SAP Advanced Audit System Licenses

Auditing your operations is one of the most crucial aspects of ensuring success. When you run a business, you must clearly understand what’s working and what’s not working for your company.

Similarly, a prominent wholesale supplier specializing in various vegetables, frozen meat, seafood, and dry goods faced internal auditing issues. The company would distribute food to the general public, restaurants, and chain stores. Considering their present solutions failed to provide the ideal results, the distributor moved to Accely for our SAP consulting services.

The company, with over 12722 clients, faced issues maintaining proper maintenance of individual orders. Upon further evaluation, our team of experts suggested the SAP Advanced Audit System to ensure the proper functioning of their operations.

SAP’s premier auditing tool allowed the organization to continually add inventory locations to fulfill individual clients’ growing needs better. Adding to it, the access to real-time inventory data and overall stock further allowed the company to amplify the pace of its service and improve customer satisfaction.

Moreover, following the success of the auditing solution, the wholesale supplier now looks forward to accessing more SAP solutions and integrating them into its workflow. With the advent of an SAP ecosystem thriving in their operations, they expect better operations and improved revenue.

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