A Leading Global Printing Ink Manufacturer Joins Hands with Accely to Unlock New Avenues for Customer Services


Leading Printing Ink Manufacturer

One of the leading global manufacturers of printing ink and raw materials has recently collaborated with Accely to utilize the benefits of accelerated EXIM.

The company, that is  one of the leading international specialists for solutions and technologies relating to printing inks, printing aid and raw materials, wanted to contribute and connect well with their customers who have been a part of their journey over the years. Even with their global existence, improved customer experience has never been this easier. 

The organization wanted to access the benefits of real-time analytics and reports for all their products that sell around different geographies and get their hands on the status of MEIS pendency in a record time. Accely helped them set new standards in operations by incorporating EXIM and cut on their IT and transportation costs simultaneously. Further, the organization was also able to benefit their newly formed Chemical division with Accely’s EXIM process.