Leading Kuwait-Based Bank Simplifies Operations With SAP AMS


Leading Kuwait-Based Bank Simplifies Operations With SAP AMS

Our recent client acquisition ties us in terms with one of the leading banks in Kuwait. The client has been offering banking services in the country since 1973 but has undergone a significant transformation in 2007. Over these years, it has earned a great deal of reputation, offering the finest banking services to many.

The client has been using SAP solutions for quite some time as their business needs are extensive, and they need a robust solution to support that need. But one important thing here is that SAP solutions need regular upgrades and maintenance to function optimally. But this is an area where the client faced many challenges.

This is where experts from Accely come into the picture with its expertise in SAP-managed services. After discussing the client’s unique requirements, our experts got started with the job in no time. We helped them get the most out of their SAP S/4HANA solution with minimal effort.

As a result, the client leverages our effective SAP support services to optimally use their SAP solutions. With SAP AMS, the client now facilitates better and more effective planning and collaboration to drive growth. Also, they can now deliver a far superior customer experience with minimal effort.