Leading International Conglomerate in UAE Joins hand with Accely for Its Online Grocery Solution Based on Magento & Native Mobile App


A leading business venture from UAE, that is into media, automotive, logistics, hospitality, real estate, retail, and catering, has recently aligned under a contract with Accely for an online grocery based solution that is based on Magneto & Native Mobile App.

With their latest development of an application for their retail outlet business, the company looks forward to growth and improved customer experience with its latest upgrade. With Accely as their partner, the firm is all set to elevate its operations to the next level for its grocery section of the business.

Previously, the client was facing hindrance in securing operations and customers via means of a website. Now, with the help of the newly developed native mobile application, the business focuses on providing reliable solutions to its retail wing and improving customer experience as a whole. Further, it also looks forward to improved sales.