Leading European Pharma Company Drives Effective Planning with SAP SAC


Leading European Pharma Company Drives Effective Planning with SAP SAC

Accely’s latest customer acquisition run has signed up with one of the most prominent pharma companies based in Europe. Specializing in delivering the finest and most complex medications to customers across the continent, the manufacturer brings years of experience to the table.

Our client is primarily focused on making critical medicines more accessible to the masses and enhancing their health simultaneously.  However, the client faced certain issues with their slow planning and decision-making processes.

They needed to augment their planning and decision-making operations for driving better growth with informed decision-making. Hence after thorough consultation with the experts at Accely, the pharma giant finally decided to go with SAP Analytics Cloud Planning.

This has enabled them to facilitate enhanced planning with valuable insights on the latest trends, customer behavior, and the highs and lows associated with the demand for their medicines.

Accely being one of the most reliable SAP consulting companies has enabled the client to facilitate seamless implementation of the SAP SAC solution. In addition, our specialized SAP implementation services have helped our clients customize the solution according to their requirements and get the most of it in terms of data management and sorting those data silos to determine useful and valuable information.