Leading Construction Company in UAE leverages Analytics and Planning


Leading Construction Company in UAE leverages Analytics and Planning

Being in the service-based industry is not easy! You need to keep up with the latest customer requirements and help them with problems they didn’t know they had. Interestingly, the same approach has proven to be of great use to Accely too. As one of the leading SAP Analytics Cloud solution providers in our industry, we’ve earned a name around connecting with our past customers and helping them update for better operations.

Talking of one such recent experience, we came across a new acquisition opportunity while on our regular servicing round. The business is one of UAE’s renowned home manufacturing companies that focuses on delivering furnished interior solutions to homeowners.

However, looking at the vast scale of its operations, the business was facing hurdles in maintaining a streamlined flow in its everyday activities. This is where they reached out to Accely for our SAP SAC solution. However, upon closer inspection of their operations, we also added the SAC Planning module to amplify the impact of their multi-level operations.

Overall, with SAP cloud modules running into their ecosystem, the business was able to make the most of its operations in the best possible manner.