Kuwait-Based Furniture Dealer Empowers with AR-Focused Mobile App


Kuwait-Based Furniture Dealer Empowers with AR-Focused Mobile App

Our recent customer acquisition ties us with one of the leaders in the furniture world. The client is a furniture manufacturer operating primarily in the Kuwait region. The brand was introduced as a vision for a new shopping experience for furniture based on elegance, comfort, and added value.

However, at the time of its development, the store was primarily focused on giving a reliable website experience to its users. So, as its user base transitioned from the web to mobile applications, the furniture provider failed to keep up with a reliable transition.

This is where the manufacturers considered reaching out to Accely for our IT services. The challenge was to develop an AR-focused mobile application that would deliver the users a real-life experience of the type of products.

Fast-forward to 2022, the firm utilizes the newly developed application and has improved customer retention over time.

Overall, using technology solutions for improved customer experience has been a win-win situation for the company. They seek better, extended relations with Accely’s technology services for the future.