KSA-based Integrated Gasification and Power Company Leverages Precisely Application


KSA-based Integrated Gasification and Power Company Leverages Precisely Application

Precisely (a partner of Accely) is widely popular for its unique approach to data simplification. The organization allows companies to achieve data integrity by ensuring it is accurate, consistent, and contextual. It further allows business owners to make better, faster, and more confident judgments based on a more in-depth knowledge of trusted data.

In its latest collaborations and sales run, the organization connected with the world’s largest Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) to simplify its operations. The client is a premier producer that successfully and safely manufactures goods for its integrated refinery partner.

The organization generates and supplies electricity, hydrogen, steam, and other utilities on a global scale. The massive range of operations initially limited them from accessing the right data sets to make calculated information. However, things changed as Precisely entered as a digital transformation partner for the organization.

The technology consulting and implementation allowed the organization to access unparalleled data knowledge with the right data enrichment, a mix of software, and strategic consulting services. The flexible modular approach allowed the organization to fulfill its requirements and amplify the range of its operations. The manufacturer could now get the right insight into operations and make calculative decisions to deliver results that would best serve the company’s future.

Considering the recent success in its operations, the KSA-based IGCC company also looked forward to a better, greener future with the data-backed organization.