International Data Corporation Recognized Accely for its Innovative IP-Driven Approach


IDC Recognized Accely for its Innovative IP-Driven Approach

International Data Corporation (IDC) is a premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets.

Accely is a global SAP Gold Partner consulting company that uses refined methodologies and innovation. Accely has developed a synergy of the most recent technology and a vast accumulated pool of experience as part of its IP-Driven Approach. As a result, our clients have improved their market share and achieved competitive differentiation by leveraging our intellectual property (IP)-based business strategies. In addition, our IP-based business strategy as an SAP enterprise has certain technology assets that can drive sales and profitability in a non-linear fashion.

Despite the unpredictability of the economy, we have not stopped investing in innovation, and as a result, we are beginning to see healthier profits. Developing intellectual property requires dedication, financial investment, and perseverance, but it has the potential to differentiate a company in the market and speed up revenue and profit. We are grateful that IDC took the time to consider our efforts and acknowledge us for our hard work.

Our primary objective as a group is to speed up the deployment of SAP ERP solutions, which necessitates the creation of custom software, procedures, and skill sets based on SAP to reduce the time needed to transition to the cloud. This strategy, powered by intellectual property, has enabled the partner to experience rapid expansion.

We are incredibly proud of the seamless expansion of essential SAP solutions that our customers have achieved to produce impactful business results. However, delivering solutions that support customers in adapting, inventing, and bringing new ideas to the market requires the participation of SAP partners, who play an essential role in this process.

According to Nilesh Shah, CEO of Accely, “We developed a proprietary methodology for development and implementation, and that has been our greatest strength.” Shah also mentioned that Accely has high success with its packaged offerings because they are repeatable.

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