Accely Joins Hands with India’s Renowned Steels Plant to Implement E-invoice for Better and Seamless Business Operations


One of the leading contributors to the steel sector of India has recently penned down its partnership contract with Acccely to implement E-invoicing over its business platforms. The company is one of the leading steel manufacturers and suppliers across various sectors. The client has also stepped into business ventures, like cotton ginning & pressing, extensive manufacturing of mechanical conveyors and elevators among others, is all set to secure transparency in accounting.

Previously, when associated with traditional forms of accounting and invoicing, the client was facing issues over managing its revenues effectively and executing business operations in a reliable manner.

With the implementation of Accely’s e-invoicing system, the company looks forward to error-free accounting of all its business operations over one unified platform, adding to the transparency in course of operations, besides increasing its efficiency. Further, it already enjoys the costs saved at operations.