India’s Leading Fast-Food Restaurant turns for SAP Implementation


India's Leading Fast-Food Restaurant turns for SAP Implementation

Accely’s latest strategic drive has led us to one of our most promising clients, a global-level fast food franchise-based restaurant. These experts in the fast-food niche have made a name for themselves in terms of quality and have managed to outgrow some of the most prominent businesses present in the country.

However, while the franchise model was fast to take over different cities of the country, it failed to streamline its infrastructure for such large-scale operations. The vast expansion with minimal upgrades on the operational front resulted in a lack of output, ultimately affecting the customer’s fooding experience and the overall revenue of the chain.

Given how a majority of its problems could be solved by engaging an ERP module, the fast-food professionals turned to Accely for its SAP Support. With our latest ERP modules targeting the primary pain points of the business module, the organization was looking forward to a more automated, real-time operational experience.

Fast forward to six-months post after the implementation, accepting the resolutions by their SAP Implementation Partner, the client will have a renewed pace of serving their customers throughout the country. Looking at the turnaround of their operations, the business looks forward to leveraging the expertise of SAP Gold Partner for more operations in the future.