India’s ESG Water Utility Company Empowers with SAP SuccessFactors


India's ESG Water Utility Company Empowers with SAP SuccessFactors

An India-based water utility company has enhanced its Human Capital Management (HCM) capabilities by implementing SAP SuccessFactors in collaboration with Accely, a leading global technology and consulting services provider.

The company’s commitment to water sustainability and wastewater treatment and reuse has positioned it as a leader in the field, contributing to global efforts in securing water resources for future generations. By aligning its vision with the larger cause of public benefit, the company has not only created sustainability for all but also developed a sustainable business model for itself.

Accely’s expertise in SAP HCM solution has enabled the company to implement SAP SuccessFactors with ease and efficiency. The two companies collaborated closely throughout the entire implementation process, from gathering requirements to training end-users. Accely’s deep understanding of SAP solutions allowed for the system architecture to be designed and the software to be customized to meet the company’s specific needs.

Through rigorous testing, the solution was successfully implemented, resulting in an enhanced HR system for the company. Overall, the partnership between the India-based water utility company and Accely highlights the importance of choosing the right SAP implementation partner for successful SAP projects.

SAP SuccessFactors, a comprehensive suite of HCM solutions, was implemented to not only provide the company with more modules, but also ensure performance and goal management, talent management, compensation, onboarding, and learning. This move aimed to improve the company’s HCM and enhance employee engagement, performance, and retention.

With over 22+ years of experience, Accely’s team of consultants has provided seamless integration and support to ensure a smooth implementation. The company can now make data-centric decisions that drive growth and improve performance.