India’s Building Materials Giant Drives Growth with Analytics & Planning


India's Building Materials Giant Drives Growth with Analytics & Planning

Accely, a global innovation and technology giant is appreciated for its rapid deployment, end-to-end ERP, and SAP consulting services. Our expertise in fast-staff responses, fixed pricing, and hands-on SAP experience works in favor of brands associated with us. Accely’s portfolio includes systems, research, solutions, consulting, software, and customized planning as per business requirements. We recently provided tailored SAC Planning to India’s largest building materials enterprise.

The company is ISO Certified and listed on the stock market. They aim to sustainably meet the dynamic and extensive building material and services expectations. The brand constantly evolves its products and services to meet new and profound customer requirements. They connected with Accely to acquire a digitized solution for their business. Our experts recommended SAP Analytic Cloud to them.

This next-gen solution is an ideal approach to smart data. It is a rare combination of planning, BI, and predictive analysis at a single location. The brand has access to five real-time dashboards from a centralized destination. The reliable data in the system can guide the brand to stay informed and interactive visuals make it convenient to interpret them quickly. The brand can opt for Cloud, on-premise, or third-party access to its analytics catalog. This reliable SAP solution reformed the brand’s presence and ROI.

Our SAP SAC experts have a problem-solving approach and can address issues with the best business solutions.