Indian Metal and Steel Manufacturer Benefits from AMS Support


Indian Metal and Steel Manufacturer Benefits from AMS Support

Accely’s recent customer acquisition drive roped in one of India’s leading metal and steel manufacturers. Our client operates a fully integrated manufacturing facility generating extensive employment opportunities for Indians. Besides, the steel and metal they manufacture are exported to North American and Latin American countries.

Over the years, the client has experienced extensive growth with the ever-growing demand for metal and steel. This growth resulted from unrivaled persistence paired with the flexibility to change and evolve. As a result, the client has never been shy of adopting new and advanced technology solutions to drive effective enhancements.

However, the recent times were not easy for the client with the Covid pandemic raging havoc around the globe. In addition, as more employees now had to work from remote environments, the need for advanced technologies also peaked. This was when the client approached Accely for a solution.

Our experts evaluated the client’s requirements and recommended they leverage AMS support from Accely. As a result, we have both the competence and expertise to help our client meet all their technological requirements with ease. Currently, the client enjoys unmatched technology agility allowing them to drive better and amplified growth with minimal efforts.