Global Printing Ink Manufacturers Aligns with Accely to Improve Customer Services



Accely’s latest partnership takes it to join hands with one of the leading printing ink specialists and raw material manufacturers in the global avenues. The group of companies has recently integrated into the likes of Accely’s EXIM program to benefit from enhanced logistic support.

The client runs its operations around chemical solutions and technologies that are into printing inks and printing aid and now looks forward to connecting with its customers on a one-to-one journey. Further, the brand also wants to re-define their export channel to a more transparent, real-time, and effective medium.

With Accelerated EXIM integration into the organization, the company looks forward to reaping benefits from real-time analytics and reports over their sales in different regions. Further, they also want to utilize the MEIS pendency over their newly formed chemical division with Accely’s EXIM process to improve the rate of operations.