Egypt’s Shipping Giant Enhances Employee Management With SAP SuccessFactors


Egypt's Shipping Giant Enhances Employee Management With SAP SuccessFactors

Accely’s recent customer acquisition drive presented an excellent opportunity for us. We roped in a new client from Egypt whose name is synonymous with shipping and courier services. Our clients have their operations spread across every continent except for Antarctica. As a result, they have earned an unmatched reputation in connecting people with ideas, services, and goods.

Given the scale of the client’s operations, employee management is one of the biggest challenges they have to deal with. But, of course, this was not easy when your infrastructure was more or less based on legacy systems and manual processes. So, it was evident the client needed an upgrade.

With Accely’s extensive reputation as one of the leading SAP consulting services, the client chose us to find a solution. Our experts recommended the client choose the SAP SuccessFactors solution for facilitating seamless HR management. This is the ideal solution to help the client better manage their huge workforce.

As of now, it has been quite some time since the client has been using the SAP SuccessFactors solution. It has benefited them greatly, allowing them to boost employee satisfaction. Also, with most of the tasks and processes, the client can better focus their efforts on growing the business.