Egypt-based Seafood Restaurant Improves Operational Efficiency


Egypt-based Seafood Restaurant Improves Operational Efficiency

Accely’s latest acquisition takes us to Egypt, where we’ve tied up with one of our most unique clients. These experts in the seafood niche have successfully scaled up their operations from mere re-seller to one of the most renowned restaurants in the city.

However, while the business was successful in expanding its niche, there needed to be more in its development. At the time of its meeting with Accely, the successful restaurant business faced hurdles in streamlining operations on its backend. While things have been fine on the operational front, the restaurant faced resistance to serving a smooth customer experience.

This is where they decided to dedicate their operations to a more automated aspect by moving to the cloud. With our latest ERP modules targeting the primary pain points of their restaurant business, the outlets were now happy with the pace of their operations while keeping up with a smooth customer-serving experience.

With Accely as its SAP Implementation Partner, the client now enjoys a renewed operation boost. Now that parts of its business are automated, it also looks forward to connecting with the expertise of SAP Gold Partner to expand further in different regions of the country.