Egypt-Based Real Estate Company Empowers With SAP SuccessFactors


Egypt-Based Real Estate Company Empowers With SAP SuccessFactors

Accely attracted many new clients with its recent customer acquisition drive. One of those clients is a real estate giant from Egypt with extensive operations across the country. The client’s business primarily caters to foreign communities and helps them find the best properties at the most affordable prices.

Consequently, catering to foreign clients also meant ensuring unmatched service quality at all times. A real estate business can only enhance its service through its employees. Unfortunately, this is an area where the client was facing many challenges. As their business grew, managing the large pool workforce became challenging.

This was when the client decided to reach the experts at Accely to help them find the ideal solution for the issue. Our experts evaluated the distinct requirements of the industry and its employees. After evaluation, they decided to equip the client with the SAP SuccessFactors solution.

Now the client facilitates seamless management of its large workforce, making it much easier to maintain their quality of service. This automatically helps enhance customer satisfaction which reflects in the increased revenue for the company. Also, the client acknowledges Accely’s contribution as one of the leading SAP implementation companies.