Eagle Hills Go-Live for SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central


Eagle Hills Go-Live for SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central

Eagle Hills revamps its employee operations via SAP SuccessFactors, giving rise to simplified employee management and improved operations.

Businesses of all sizes leverage the cloud to revamp and simplify their operations. Among the numerous industries, real estate has also been one to update its operations via moving to cloud solutions. Following the footsteps and the ongoing trend of the industry as a whole, the sector witnessed another reform with Eagle Hills.

The organization has been at the forefront of quality lifestyle communities and leading iconic destinations. Based in Abu Dhabi, this private real-estate development and investment company leverages its expertise, financial capability, and extensive relationships to develop planned communities with a blend of numerous facilities.

However, Eagle Hills needed help to keep up with the pace of its diversified operations. One of the major problems at hand was the lack of self-service. The organization also faced operations challenges in terms of leave approvals, document management, and generating employee-related documents with employees needing to learn about cloud operations.

With its recent cloud upgrade, the real-estate company now seeks to introduce an era of change in its HR operations. The current cloud support will add core elements of the HR process, like employee life cycle events, leave management, and accessible reporting/dashboards.

This is where Accely stepped in with an innovative solution for the business. This suite of operations would allow the company to increase its revenue while improving employee engagement, retention, and activities. The SAP SuccessFactors suite will also enable Eagle Hills to innovate the future of its operations, giving it a competitive edge over its competition.

Overall, an updated approach to employee engagement, activities, and retention with their latest SAP Implementation Partner allows the company to operate at a streamlined pace. Adding to it, the company was able to fix its most significant hurdle of outdated operations. This way, they could also provide their customer with a more real-time experience.