Dubai-Based Hypermarket Benefits from Supplier Collaboration Enhancement


Dubai-Based Hypermarket Benefits from Supplier Collaboration Enhancement

Accely’s recent customer acquisition drive has been a successful one. We have managed to break a deal with one of Dubai’s most prominent hypermarket and cooperative managers. The institution was established by the Government of UAE in 1982 and has offered unmatched service since then. Currently, the client operates with 20 different branches and four malls.

However, the smooth sailing ship has faced many challenges recently, especially because of the Covid-induced lockdowns. This meant businesses had to strengthen their online presence and deliver more efficient services to survive the competition. But it would never be possible without the client using modern technology to its advantage.

That’s where we come into the picture with our advanced technology solution and years of expertise in the field. Our experts started the job starting with evaluating the client’s business requirements. Based on their observations, our experts decided to help out the client with supplier collaboration enhancement.

This enhancement has benefitted the client immensely as they are reaping the benefits of a better and more efficient supply mechanism. Consequently, there has been a steep increase in their customer ratings, allowing them to generate more revenue with minimal effort.