Dubai-Based FMCG Multinational Company Facilitates Change Request


Accely’s recent customer engagement drive has been fruitful, bringing us closer to one new client from Dubai. The client is one of the leading multinational FMCG companies, with its headquarters in Dubai. Their operations and distribution networks spread across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America, and Asia.

With extensive operations spread out across different continents, the client needed the potential of SAP solutions to support this large-scale operation. However, the world has been through many changes in these past couple of years. Consequently, the business requirements of our clients have also changed drastically.

Using the same old solution to support business operations in this post-pandemic environment became very challenging. That’s when they decided to reach outer experts to help them bring out the best from their existing SAP technology solutions. Our experts evaluated the client’s distinct requirements and decided to help them with SAP change requests.

This change requests management allowed the client to ensure their IT services aligned with the new business environments. As a result, it became much easier for them to adapt to new changes and make the most of SAP’s potential to drive amplified growth with minimal efforts.