Distinguished Indian Clothing Brand Enhances Operations With AMS Support


Distinguished Indian Clothing Brand Enhances Operations With AMS Support

Accely’s recent customer procurement gave us the opportunity to work with one of the most distinguished clothing brands in not just the country but even the world. The company, incorporated in 1925, continues to enhance its business while delivering the best quality clothing to its customers.

The client was open to opportunities, and to augment their business appropriately, they were ready to embark on a journey with the SAP infrastructure to drive better results. However, managing a business of this scale with the headache of managing all the SAP solutions used by the organization can be challenging for anyone. Therefore, the client needed augmented support to drive seamless management of SAP solutions while focusing on growing the business.

After evaluating the offerings of numerous SAP consulting services, the prominent clothing brand decided to go Accely for equipping their organization with an AMS solution. Our experts did a fine job to ensure our client gets the full benefits of our AMS solution.

Presently, our client leverages all the perks of their SAP solution more efficiently and conveniently. In addition, our AMS solution has given them the much-needed agility and competence to drive better results with amplified growth.