Construction Organization in KSA leverages C4C Sales Implementation


Construction Organization in KSA leverages C4C Sales Implementation

Accely has often been regarded as an expert in connecting with businesses and understanding their requirements to streamline their future operations. One such recent engagement allowed Accely to assist one of the leading construction giants that have been primarily into manufacturing construction products that could benefit businesses around the globe.

However, while the organization worked in full force with the other aspects of the manufacturing business, they needed to improve their ceramic division. As per their primary aim, the business could not simplify its customer experience journey and failed to attain better production from the division.

This is where Accely stepped in with its SAP C4C (Cloud for Customer module). With the SAP C4C module implemented in their existing SAP S/4HANA ecosystem, the business could offer a mobile-first approach to their customers. This resulted in better sales and improved operations via the help of the SAP sales cloud as the professionals were no longer engaged in manual operations and had access to information in real-time.

Lastly, following the success of its operation with its SAP implementation partner, the business now looks towards adding more such modules to its operations to streamline and automate different parts of the business process.