Celebrating SAP’s Five Decades Of Growth, Security, & Success


Celebrating SAP's Five Decades Of Growth, Security, & Success

Accely extends its heartfelt congratulations to SAP regarding its 50th Anniversary celebration. The event hosted earlier this month marked a major milestone in the journey of an ambitious project that rose to the position of an industry magnate today.

This news article covers SAP’s story as a leading software solution that currently marks the fifth decade of its operations.

Found in 1972, SAP has been a product of innovation like no other! A revolution started by five individuals, today SAP stands as the global powerhouse with over 100,000 employees supporting over 460,000 customers across 140 countries. Over the years, the business has established itself as a thought innovator of business safety while processing many companies’ most sensitive business data.

Together, with its active collaboration with SAP as a proud SAP Gold Partner, Accely has witnessed almost half of the innovator’s journey towards immense success. Today, with its finesse in product development and scale of effective operations over IT security, SAP also stands as a leading innovator for cloud migration in business development.

Not to forget, SAP security is a dynamic approach from the traditional IT security monitoring that includes every aspect of security to businesses across all fronts.

Lastly, following the 50th anniversary of SAP and its success in the field of business innovation, it should also be a wake-up call for all companies to look beyond their traditional means of operation and move towards the future of cloud with experts in SAP operation.