BOT Automation Go-Live Boosts Efficiency of UK-based Telecommunications Company


BOT Automation Go-Live Boosts Efficiency of UK-based Telecommunications Company

Accely has earned a reputation as a reliable and trusted SAP Implementation Partner, a provider of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions, dedicated to assisting organizations in optimizing their operations across diverse industries. With Automation Anywhere, Accely is resolutely committed to realizing the company’s visionary aspirations. Robotic Process Automation offers a transformative avenue for organizations to achieve automation, resulting in substantial reductions in both cost and time required to yield impactful outcomes.

In a groundbreaking move towards operational efficiency, a renowned UK-based telecommunications infrastructure company has forged a strategic alliance with Accely.

This is a leading independent telecommunications company, focused on driving the growth of mobile communications across Africa and the Middle East. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and since its inception, it has grown its tower network to encompass more than 13,600 towers across nine rapidly developing markets.

Accely’s cooperation with the telecommunications company commenced with a comprehensive analysis of their existing processes. This critical step enabled experts to identify repetitive and time-consuming tasks that were ideal candidates for automation.

The implementation of Accely’s  BOT Automation Go-Live has had an immediate and profound impact on the company’s operations. It enabled the organization to achieve greater efficiency and a higher rate of accuracy, while minimizing manual efforts. The automation of processes sped up operations and reduced manual processes thus ensuring optimal use of human resources, leaving no room for manual errors. As a result, customer response times have significantly decreased, leading to an increase in overall customer satisfaction.

The newfound efficiency brought about by Accely’s BOT Automation Go-Live has hugely benefited the company’s customers along with its internal processes. With routine tasks now being handled swiftly by the automation system, the time saved can be better utilized for more strategic and value-added initiatives. This reallocation of resources is contributing to the company’s ability to pursue innovative projects and undertake tasks that can drive further growth and success.