Accely ventures into equipment leasing industry one of the fastest growing firm – Banquity


Leading IT Consultancy Accely set foot in the equipment leasing vertical with one of the fastest-growing equipment leasing and renting company, Banquity.


With this step, a move is aimed towards being a part of the contribution to the equipment finance industry.

The infrastructure sector is, as you can say largely responsible for driving India’s development and is also a key operator for the Indian Economy.  Since the Govt. has also started to focus on initiating policies to ensure the formulation of world-class infrastructure in India.


Mr.Nilesh Shah, CEO of Accely added, “We aim to intrude this growing  market, and with this venture, we want to unify our position in this particular market in India.”


The equipment leasing industry has grown tremendously all over the globe. Even in India, the growth rate has been phenomenal. And if you look at the last 5-6 years, with the forecasted data, we can assure that this industry is poised for growth.