Accely Takes Mobile Material Management using SAP Syclo to a New Level for a Premier Real Estate Development Company of the Middle East


Attaining new levels with mobile material management, Accely proudly flaunts its latest accomplishment in providing a Syclo Inventory Management System with the integration of SAP material Management module for a premier real estate development company of the Middle East

India, 21st February, 2014: Accely also proudly announces the successful completion of the Syclo Inventory Management project with SAP Material Management Module Integration for a leading real estate development company of the Middle East. Accely, a premier software development company, is a well known name in the technology domain that provides organizations with innovative yet practical IT solutions and helps them make decisive improvements in business processes, greatly improving efficiency in operation.

With this wireless inventory management, client will be able to exercise tight control over inventory levels and speed up the stock issues. Automating the inventory management system will undoubtedly reduce or eliminate paper work and the errors associated with it. The organization will greatly benefit in terms of costs for overstock and stock out issues and will definitely improve productivity and enhance customer service.

With this mobile inventory solution that is tightly integrated with SAP Material Management module, client can easily track inventory remotely and even reconcile discrepancies directly from customer location empowering them to instantly resolve issues increasing customer satisfaction exponentially.

“To drive this project, Accely not only had the right resources in terms of technology, but also had innovative minds working towards creating a powerful solution that greatly helped client to better manage the inventory, reduce operating costs and increase customer satisfaction. Focusing on such wireless technology and mobile solutions to streamline business processes will forge the path for a bright future for Accely.” said the CEO of Accely.

In the recent years, accely has broadened its horizons to accommodate more and more breakthrough technology solutions for a diverse clientele.  Accely’s focus has been more and more customer centric that encourages proactive response to customer needs hence promoting a collaborative working environment.