Accely Sponsors a most Competitive Car Racing Event at a reputed Racing track at Abu Dhabi


Accely Sponsors an most Competitive Car Racing Event at an reputed Racing track at Abu Dhabi

A leading SAP Partner and Global Consulting Firm, Accely, sponsored a car racing event that took place at a reputed racing track in Abu Dhabi.

The exciting event brought many participating teams from various countries together. Each team competed against one another. The event was a highly acclaimed global STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

This was also a sponsorship event where the aim of the organizers was to get as many sponsors as possible. What’s interesting to note is that the competition embraced the various facets of design, engineering, marketing, and teamwork.

The event commenced with a grand opening ceremony followed by the competition. It got concluded with an award celebration. In the end, the finalists got an opportunity to soak up the grand track.

Accely is a leading SAP Consultant and Partner, which allows business enterprises to streamline their operations and simplify their ongoing processes.