Accely Signs Saudi Arabia’s Real Estate Company for SAP AMS and HXM Implementation


Accely Signs Saudi Arabia's Real Estate Company for SAP AMS and HXM Implementation

Accely, an SAP implementation partner, joins hands with Saudi Arabia’s real estate company to integrate its SAP AMS and HXM solution. This investment and real estate development company has established itself as a prominent player in the holy city of Mecca, specializing in the development of residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors. With a solid commitment to innovation, the group harnesses the power of technology to continually enhance its operations and surpass its business goals.

Accely offers a wide range of services, including SAP support and implementation, SAP consulting, SAP training, and SAP cloud solutions. One of Accely’s key offerings is its SAP AMS and HXM solution. This solution is a comprehensive asset and human capital management approach that helps organizations optimize their operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve decision-making. By joining forces, Accely, and the Saudi Arabian real estate company will be able to leverage the former’s expertise in SAP AMS support. This, in turn, will facilitate the streamlining and optimizing of various aspects of the real estate company’s operations. Integrating Accely’s SAP AMS and HXM services will enable the real estate company to enhance its overall business efficiency, employee experience, and customer satisfaction.

Accely’s SAP AMS offering will encompass end-to-end support, including system monitoring, incident management, problem resolution, performance optimization, and regular maintenance of the SAP landscape. With its proven track record in delivering robust and reliable SAP support services, Accely is committed to ensuring the smooth operation of the real estate company’s SAP applications, allowing them to focus on their core business activities.

Accely will also implement SAP HCM solution, specifically SAP SuccessFactors, to revolutionize the company’s human capital management (HCM) processes. SAP SuccessFactors, a comprehensive cloud-based HCM suite, will enable the real estate company to streamline talent acquisition, onboarding, performance management, learning and development, and employee well-being initiatives.