Accely Roll Out SAP S/4HANA for Turkey-Based Interior Designer


Accely Roll Out SAP S/4HANA for Turkey-Based Interior Designer

Keeping up with a long list of customers can be challenging. However, that’s what earned Accely fame in the first place. As one of the leading SAP solutions providers, we help our clients get the best from their business and foster relationships beyond the ‘limited’ business approach.

Interestingly, such practices have introduced us to one of our most unique acquisition opportunities. The client is a designer focused on revamping the way we generally see the interior design of our abode. The innovator is focused on generating inspirational bathroom and decor ideas that give you the feel of living in a futuristic home.

However, considering the complexities of its operations, the client was initially losing out on the core concepts of its interior design, hindering its overall output. Upon our investigation, Accely discovered that the ‘transparency’ of operations could be one of the primary reasons behind such a lag.

Next, we added the SAP S/4HANA module to their operation, allowing the firm to see through different levels of their operations. Interestingly, this not only helped boost their customer engagement and retention but also increased the strength of their core team.

With Accely as its SAP Implementation Partner and SAP ERP as the go-to solution, the organization continues to enjoy a new phase of its operations.