Accely helps a leading Tire Manufacturing Company in DUBAI, UAE with complete end to end IT support including SAP, E-commerce B2B & B2C, SEO & marketing outsourced to Accely


“Accely bags complete end to end IT support project including entire SAP Landscape, E-commerce B2B & B2C, SEO & Marketing outsourced to Accely with a well-known Tire Manufacturing  company in Dubai, UAE that has reputation of providing quality automotive tires, batteries, and lubricants and operates internationally to cater the needs of hundreds of customers spread across all six continents.”

India, 27th Jan 2017 – Dubai’s reputed Tire Manufacturer seeks End to End IT support including complete IT support ,SAP, E-commerce B2B & B2C, SEO and Marketing services from Accely to meet its requirements initiated from scaling of its business. The company wants to venture out in the new segments or verticals in the automotive business and  is looking to grow its existing  business to multifold by end of this year and wanted to focused on its core business rather than in IT and in Accely they find a right partner to help them on the same.

Mr.Nilesh Shah, The CEO of Accely stated “Our goal as a SAP consulting company is to provide reliable SAP solutions to the firms who want better solutions for efficiency and effectiveness in their processes. We weave our innovation with technology in SAP arena to come up every time with competitive SAP solutions which can satisfy our client needs and help them stay ahead of the competition“.

Accely is a leading SAP consulting company in India, known to offer quality solutions in time to meet the requirements of the firms across the globe. The company strives to supply licenses to its customers so that their future business needs can be met easily with the growing time.