Accely Offers Accelerated SSO Implementation Services To The Largest Integrated Copper Producer


Accely enabled Africa’s one of the largest player incopper mining to go accelerated leveraging SSO system implementation expertise!

Africa, 24th June, 2016.

The leading integrated copper mining and Metals Companyturned to Accely to automate and streamline the signing on to SAPsystems and other applications running on their environment through Single Sign On system implementation services. The company that’s aiming to become a major global copper producer conduct its mining operations in the Copper belt Province of Zambia.

Following standard practicesand processes, the copper mining organization strive to achieve excellence and exceed expectations to better their products and services. A few days back, over US$ 2.9 billion was invested by the company to upgrade the equipment and expand capacity forincreasing the life of the mines by 25 years and deliver high standard values to the shareholders.

Growth, excellence, trust and sustainability are deeply ingrained into the organization’s core work ethics. Besides, they step in with technology to maximize the throughput and improve productivity. To work better, there are many SAP systems that company’s winning workforce use, but remembering the login credentials of all was quite a task for the employees.

This problem raise the need of Single-Sign-On (SSO) system implementation for automatic sign-in onto multiple SAP and other systems.PostSSO implementation, the authentication process get streamlined and user productivity improved. But, some key limitations hampered the proper functioning of SSO system.

The issue led the copper mining giant to join hands with Accely team to overcome these limitations.Accely leveraged its ‘Accelerated SSO’ offerings to streamline the authentication process and identity federation capabilities.

Mr. Roney Banerjee,Business Head and Project in charge at Accely said “We always stay ahead in keeping pace with new tools to help businesses tame the technical beasts.Our accelerated SSO that’s mobile ready providesmany serviceswith one safe login, which help businessesdiminish the limitations and gain a comprehensive set of advantages. Alongside, without needing any additional license or hardware, companies can get the benefits of native SSO.

This is utterly amazing. Accely excels in building and providing impeccable accelerated SSO, IDM, AMS, FLORI and GRC implementation services. The rich portfolio brags about Accely’s offerings and services provided to the leading brands around the world for SSO related needs. Besides,the exceptional expertise of the team help us in retaining the faith of our stakeholders by better understanding and fulfilling their requirements.