Accely is Now An Official Partner with Emarsys


Accely Is Now An Official Partner With Emarsys

In a bid to enhance its customer experience journey and simplify business procedures, Accely has officially collaborated with Emarsys.

The recent partnership between the two giants is to cater to the expanding needs of omnichannel growth and customer engagement developed to accelerate business outcomes.

Now, to give you an insight, Emarsys is among the best omnichannel customer engagement platform trusted by leading brands and globally innovative marketers. With the power of SAP Consulting, the platform adds more value to customers, partners, and employees, enhancing their personalized experiences in unique, innovative ways!

Together with Accely as an SAP Implementation Partner, the two companies will combine their expertise to help resolve the complexities around cloud-based operations while continually expanding their reach to other cloud-based businesses.

Overall, together with SAP Emarsys, the official partnership is said to open new scopes of development and add fresh parameters of a wide range of customers to target and work upon.