A Leading Manufacturer of Automotive Transmission Components Partners with Accely for SAP AMS Support


Application Management Services

A renowned manufacturer of automotive transmission components approached Accely to provide Application Management Services for their SAP environments.

The client is one of the leading manufacturers of automotive transmission components in the world. They are leading manufacturers of Rear Axle Shafts, Spindles and Splined Shafts. The company has a longstanding global presence and is owed experience in the development and manufacture of Real Axle Shafts. The company has a large customer base covering different sectors of the automotive industry and a diversified product range. They provide solutions that drives optimum performance in automotive application

The company needed to adopt Application Management Services to support their existing SAP solutions and equip them to handle the changing demands of the automotive industry in the future. SAP AMS will enable them to gain continuous support and maintenance when they wish to scale up their practice. Additionally, it will also improve the performance of their SAP applications to help provide better customer service.

Accely provides effective SAP AMS to help organizations reap maximum benefit from their SAP model.