A Leading IT and Mobility Distribution Company Partners with Accely for Accelerated EXIM Solutions


 Accelerated EXIM Solutions

A prominent IT and Mobility Distribution Company joins hands with Accely for an Accelerated EXIM solution.

The organization is a distribution company that provides opportunities for business advancement for its channel partners through proactive market growth and performance improvement through agility. The company has a presence in 7 countries across the SAARC nations. They have a global infrastructure, along with a direct emphasis on Corporate solutions, Cloud Storage, PC and Hardware, and Mobility.

Improving the efficiency in handling their export-import data on a single platform was one of the key reasons to introduce Accelerated EXIM solutions. With Accelerated EXIM, they will be able to archive, edit, and generate shipping records, bills, invoices, forms, and payments on one dashboard. It will help multiple team members to obtain access to all relevant information and streamline processes for export-import management.

Accely is a prominent Accelerated EXIM solutions provider catering to an array of industry verticals.