A Curtain Wall Expert in UAE Drives Growth with SAP AMS


A Curtain Wall Expert in UAE Drives Growth with SAP AMS

It’s challenging to work in the service-based sector! You must stay on top of the most recent client needs and assist them with issues they weren’t even aware they had. It’s interesting to note that Accely has also found excellent success using a similar strategy. Being one of the top SAP AMS suppliers in our sector, we’ve built a reputation for interacting with former clients and assisting them in updating for improved operations.

Speaking about a recent instance, we discovered a new acquisition possibility while performing our routine service tour. The business was a curtain wall expert established in the year 2006. Their operations were powered by nearly 2 decades of experience in the world of construction, adding to their experience as leaders in their field.

Since the business was already leveraging the SAP ecosystem, it needed the right mindset to operate its services. This is where our experts at Accely provided them with SAP AMS (Application Management Services) to allow them to focus on other core aspects of their operations.

Fast forward to a few weeks into their operations with the SAP modules, the business was already at a better phase, looking for extended SAP support for their future.