A Premium Chromium Casting Company Partners with Accelerated VAT Solution for their UK Subsidiary


Accelerated VAT Solution

VAT can be a tricky department for any business, especially when it comes to vast manufacturing industries. So, a leading chromium casting company forms allies with Accely for successfully implementing accelerated VAT solutions for their UK Subsidiary. 

The company was established in the year 1979 and is also certified by ISO 9001. The company specializes in the development, manufacturing, designing, servicing, and installation of chromium wear, eroding, and friction-resistant castings. These castings are widely used in the cement industry, mining, and the thermal power industry. With offices all over the globe and, they ship castings to different regions.

Due to such a massive operation, the company chose Accely for a complete VAT implementation for their UK Subsidiary. As the company provides specifically-designed ideal metallurgy for local consumption, they intended to extend their boundaries.

They needed to implement SAP VAT solutions to shape their enterprise structure for the application of the taxation process on trades. The comprehensive solutions from Accely enforced VAT calculations in their SAP prototypes. 

This implementation process provides easy computing and calculation of taxes so the entire taxation carried out in automation, the company could focus more on the operations. With a VAT implementation solution, we ensured high accuracy calculation and smooth taxation.

Accely’s SAP experts implemented VAT calculation in their SAP models to allow easy computing and calculation of taxes for international and domestic trade. Accely is a SAP Gold Partner and provides tailored SAP solutions across industries and sectors.