Accely announces the SAP DMS Deal with One of the India’s Largest Perfume Manufacturers


“India’s leading perfume manufacturing company has selected Accely for the SAP Document Management System (DMS) implementation in order to streamline their Document Management Processes with SAP.”

India, 4th February 2016 –Accely, a leading SAP consulting firm has sealed the SAP DMS implementation deal with one of the largest fragrance players in India. The client group has several establishments and spans its business across multiple product categories including perfumes, flavors for food, beverage and pharma industries, aroma ingredients and specialty chemicals. The company specializes in developing exotic fragrances for use in skin care, cosmetics, hair care, fabric care and household products. It also offers specialized research and cosmetic ingredients testing services to the businesses.

Client required SAP DMS to implement the latest SAP technology for their enterprise document management needs. SAP DMS enables scanning, storage, retrieval, sharing, tracking, revising and distribution of documents across the enterprise and hence, simplifies the document management tasks in an organization. With this implementation, client has got the necessary systems in place to use SAP’s electronic solution to streamline their in-house document management processes.

Mr. Nilesh Shah, the CEO of Accely said “I am glad that Accely has been doing a great job as a SAP consulting firm. We have been providing high-end SAP solutions and licenses to meet the customized needs of corporate across various industrial sectors. Just like this deal, I hope that our every SAP license deal happens to be a success and helps organizations to carry out their business processes efficiently”.

Accely, the leader in IT and SAP consulting solutions provides efficient services for business, process and technology consulting. The company has got highly qualified professionals who can well serve the needs of the corporate belonging to different industries whether Retail, Engineering and Infrastructure, Healthcare, Education or Life- Sciences.