Accely Finishes The Business Blue Print Phase With One of The Leading Digital Media Company


24 August, 2015 – Accely has won the project with one of the leading digital media company and it has successfully completed the BBP (Business Blue Print) phase with them. It is one of the most promising digital distribution and new media company and it has successfully undertook the sign-off of the Business Blue Print implemented by Accely.

The digital media company is into developing innovative products and platforms, as well as provides digital services in order to reach large audience through digital streams. The aim of the company is into developing and deploying mobile Value Added Services (VAS) apps for media houses, film companies, telecommunication firms and labels, to name a few. They also provide innovative and easy to read content for mobile phones. In short, they do every bit possible to provide an overall enhanced digital experience to clients.

Accely, one of the best company whose aim is to help the world’s best organizations to better their power of decision making and take it in the right direction. Accely doesn’t serve to only Digital media companies. In fact, it is a server to a wide spectrum of industries, some of which include Retail, Engineering and Infrastructure, High-tech, Health care, Professional services, Manufacturing and Education, to name a few. Other sectors include Life sciences, Energy & utilities, Games, Media & Entertainment as well as Jewelry.