Accely signs up with a major retailer in the UAE


Accely has signed a contract with a major retail company in the UAE, for their rollout in Singapore. The company is one of the largest retailers with presence in more than 40 countries, and having around 1000 stores worldwide. The retailer’s offerings include Home stores, Outlet stores, Hospitality stores, Café’s and Food stores. They also provide easy online shopping services. The retailers have consistently displayed strong financial performance, generating revenue of about £9 billion. With the sign up, the retailers will adopt Accely’s expert systems, and hence improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase flexibility.

Accely’s retail practice is vast and renowned and our retail experience provides outstanding customer centric and project execution skills. Being an SAP Tier-1 partner, we are the most successful integrators of SAP Retail solutions. Accely has always been in sync with the changes in the retail industry, adopting newer strategies and satisfying the new age digital consumer. Our capabilities spanning through grocery, fashion, wellness and health, ensures that our customers deliver higher levels of profitability.