Accely signs partnership with Saperion AG


28th January 2013:
Accely Group, a global technology and innovation company, headquartered in Singapore, has signed a partnership with SAPERION AG. Accely, which specializes in providing flexible and rapidly deployed end-to-end ERP, Mobility Solutions, Ecommerce and Business Analytics solutions, has officially joined forces with the German organization that  are experts in ECM and BPM software. This partnership will usher in a new era of Enterprise Software which will be more robust, reliable and cost effective. This will prove to be highly beneficial for customers as they will receive services which perform better, minimize risks, improve the speed of decision making, and at the same time bring in cost savings. Customers will in turn improve their market share, giving them considerable competitive advantage in the industry. This move will hence help accelerate the operations of both existing and future customers.

SAPERION is a manufacturer of Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Management software based in Berlin, Germany. They also specialize in services such as ECM, BPM, SOA and Content Repository. SAPERION knows how crucial information is to a company’s success: For more than 20 years, the company has developed high-capacity software for capturing, storing, processing and preparing corporate information. SAPERION provides software helping you to save money by accelerating and digitizing your paper-based processes. Furthermore, their software ensures that your documents are archived legally compliant – without creating expensive orphaned records.

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